Media Monitoring


Sniffing the Right News and other media contents for the right client is our essential bench mark. From Transmission Extraction, Filtering to Benchmarking, Media Sniffers is providing State of the Art Services to our respected clients, all over the globe.


Print Monitoring:


Media Sniffers’ print media monitoring services provides you page-to-page monitoring and clipping of all major national publications – we ensure that you never miss an important press clipping of interest from regional and national newspapers. We keep a close eye on major politician, economy, terrorism, trade and economy and politics-related reports and reviews. We literally scrutinize each and every letter of the dailies picking up the most desirable data that caters to the needs of our valued clients.  


Broadcast Monitoring


The broadcast media has an impressive and massive impact on public opinion in South Asia and world over– greater than print and online media combined. We have established the most modern broadcast monitoring systems to serve you through this platform. To serve your needs, our broadcast monitoring teams monitors live contents 24/7 to ensure nothing relevant is missed.

This service brings you the latest updates regarding your work domains and areas of interest. Our pack of TV and Radio monitoring high tech tools, keep track of the desired contents while saving a backup of several channels for many weeks. You are going to have unlimited access to a boundless ocean of print and electronic media. We hardly miss anything of your interest.


MS Media Monitoring Room:


  • Consists of around 40 monitors covering almost all the channels of Pakistan as well as several international channels.
  • Have two heavy DVRs that can store broadcast 24/7 with 18 days backup.
  • Skilled and proficient staff which works around the clock to cover the entire media panorama of what is going on within the comity of nations and within a nation