Multi-Lingual Translations/Transcription

Translation & Transcription Services embody the core of our excellence. The exact expression of contents in one language to another has never been as convenient and ideal as ever before but with the team of Media Sniffers. You are invited to come and experience the best!

Below are mentioned our dazzling capacity and areas of strength:


  1. Qualified and experienced media translators who are dedicated to work 24/7 to satisfy customers’ needs.
  2. The translators are expert at both source and targeted languages for the translation, transcriptions.
  3. Media Sniffers (MS) provide English translations of all the local languages of Pakistan as well as major foreign languages and vice versa.
  4. Regular media translators in our team along with editors for proofreading and rechecking of the translated items before they are submitted to our clients.
  5. Our dedicated and committed team is known for utmost quality and the fastest turnaround
  6. Dozens of translators that can produce loads of work for translation within an hour in their individual capacity.
  7. Our skilled translators and editors are available round the clock to give you best performance and feedback on the assignments.
  8. We always have in the pipeline an additional work force of expert translators to accomplish the massive assignments with rigorous commitment and optimal accuracy.
  9. MS also has expertise in audio/video cassettes / CDs transcriptions and can guarantee timeliness with high quality of global work standards.
  10. Our expert staff, using high quality of modern equipment, will ensure clear recording of the radio/TV media for your needs.
  11. We will ensure quality and excellence of professionalism in terms of working relationship, interactive assignments and honoring the confidentiality of our esteemed clients.
  12. We take legal and formal care of intellectual rights while offering you our best input and well-calculated opinion to help you grow along the offshoots of your policies.
  13. You may contact and discuss issues related to your media image and enjoy free guidance and online support round the clock, 24 hours a day.